Monday, 25 July 2011

Life As It Is

My friend who used to blog frequently like I did has recently written a new entry with a lot of thought into it, he is talking about his current level in life and his plans for the future and I thought, that is exactly what I need to do... sit down and talk about my plans for the future. I walk my dog everyday, sometimes twice a day and during my walks I am there thinking about current situations but never about my future.

My friend is stuck in a world of employment working away most of his life using up his last part of childhood on his job, I understand that it was a vital decision he made there as he is now earning money but like he said he has no time to spend it. I have just finished my job in Worcester when the schools broke up and within 3 days I already got myself a new job in line working as an assistant to my dad (a civil engineer) in Tewkesbury, I try to limit my work life so I can have fun with my friends whilst I still can. 10 days ago I had my 18th and that is known as the end of childhood, but it's not, I have another 2 months before my childhood officially ends and I need to know what to do after that.

I do a lot of stuff in my spare time, go into town with my mates, go to gym which I have just started my membership back up, do my daily exercise by walking the dog or occasionally having a job round my village. I also make films which I have been doing since I was 9 years old, I love doing this and every time I complete a film I feel like I have achieved something. However I also play on my Xbox 360 and Laptop a lot and I find that it is a boring life spending on the Internet or playing games, in the time I am doing that I could be looking at my future and figuring out what I am going to do. But I am achieving something and it makes me feel good, I enjoy trying to build up my gamer score on the xbox in which my friend calls me a g-whore, but am I? No! I set myself a target for a game and once I hit it I feel like I have achieved something. Most of my friends buy the games complete it then leave it lying around for months on end... I make the most out of my games, I buy them, complete the campaign, go through a second time to get achievements, play multi player, then I abandon it and I am happy because I know I have used it to its full potential... I do this on the xbox, now I need to do it with life.

In 2 months I will be moving out of my home area of Worcestershire and entering the world independently, I will be moving to a bigger place where I will have to get used to city life and learn to look after my self. I will be attending university in York, why York? Because I know it's somewhere I can settle down, I am fully of northern blood, so I know that if there is a place I can be ready to begin my life, it is somewhere up north and so I picked my Mum's hometown of York, also known as 'Capital of the North'. Whilst it will be a challenge moving from a village of a population of 1,000 people to a city of 200,000 people, it is something I must learn and something I need to think about now as I approach it. I will be spending 3 - 5 years up there and I hope then to go on to a job in Liverpool in design... why do I want to go to Liverpool? Because it is the capital city of culture in the UK, this gives me the perfect opportunity to show off my skills in a city of beautiful architecture and a well known city worldwide. But how am I going to get there?? By working hard, I can't just take the piss anymore by sitting down and doing nothing, I must be ready to face my challenges ahead that will help my accomplish my dream...

...a dream I have had since I was a small child, and if I put my mind to it... I WILL SUCCEED.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Films I Recenly Watched or Rewatched

Got a list of films below I have recently watched, if it says [RW] next to it, it means its a film that I have rewatched. If it is highlighted in RED, it means I watched it in the cinema

Taken [RW] - 8/10
Dinner for Schmucks - 5/10
A Clockwork Orange [RW] - 10/10
Speed [RW] - 9/10
Paul - 9/10
Shawshank Redemption [RW] - 10/10
127 Hours - 8/10
Big Nothing - 7/10
The Usual Suspects - 9/10
Edge of Darkness - 6/10
La Habitacion Del Nino - 8/10

Recent Games

Dash of Destruction - 1/10
King Kong - 4/10
CSI: Hard Evidence - 2/10
CSI: Deadly Intent - 2/10
Lost: Via Domus - 3/10
Guitar Hero 5 - 6/10
Guitar Hero: World Tour - 6/10
Guitar Hero: Van Halen - 6/10
Fight Night 3 - 5/10
South Park - 2/10
Saints Row - 6/10
Rainbow Six Vegas - 6/10
Call of Duty 2 - 7/10
Call of Duty 3 - 5/10
Mirror's Edge - 6/10
Bourne Conspiracy - 4/10
Project Gotham Racing 4 (PGR4) - 8/10
Assassin's Creed - 6/10
Gears of War - 6/10
Toy Soldiers - 4/10
Arm of Two - 7/10
Armyy of Two: 40th Day - 6/10
Call of Duty: Classic (1) - 9/10
Fable 2 - 6/10
Crackdown - 7/10
Splinter Cell: Double Agent - 6/10
Ghostbusters - 6/10
Bioshock - 10/10
Battlefield: Bad Company - 8/10
Halo 3 - 9/10
Left 4 Dead 2 - 7/10
Quantum of Solace - 6/10
Prototype - 8/10
Gears of War 2 - 9/10
Fifa 10 - 8/10
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter - 7/10
Forza Motorsport 3 - 9/10
Trials HD - 8/10
Call of Duty: World At War - 8/10
The Saboteur - 7/10
Batman: Arkham Asylum - 9/10
Saints Row 2 - 9/10
Test Drive Unlimited - 10/10
The Godfather - 8/10
The Godfather 2 - 9/10
Grand Theft Auto IV - 10/10
Assassin's Creed 2 - 9/10
Battlefield 1943 - 8/10
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 10/10
Splinter Cell Conviction - 9/10
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 10/10
Mafia 2 - 10/10
Call Of Duty: Black Ops - 10/10
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - 10/10
Halo: Reach - 9/10
Bulletstorm - 7/10
Beatles: Rock Band - 8/10

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Top Gangster Films

In my opinion America makes the best gangster films from Pulp Fiction to The Godfather, from Scarface to Goodfellas, but dont get me wrong it is fun to watch British gangster flicks which are made a lot more commonly nowadays with Get Carter, Layer Cake up to the new film London Boulevard. Anyway below is my list of the top 30 gangster films, and if you have a chance, watch them, they are great, if you dont have the time then just watch the top 10!

30. Last Man Standing - 1996 (USA)
29. The Cotton Club - 1984 (USA)
28. The Krays - 1990 (UK)
27. Dillinger - 1973 (USA)
26. Public Enemies - 2009 (USA)
25. Mean Streets - 1973 (USA)
24. Layer Cake - 2004 (UK)
23. Donnie Brasco - 1997 (USA)
22. Miller's Crossing - 1990 (USA)
21. Bonnie & Clyde - 1967 (USA)
20. Casino - 1995 (USA)
19. Road to Perdition - 2002 (USA)
18. True Romance - 1993 (USA)
17. White Heat - 1949 (USA)
16. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - 1998 (UK)
15. Snatch - 2000 (UK)
14. Carlito's Way - 1993 (USA)
13. Get Carter - 1971 (UK)
12. Once Upon A Time in America - 1984 (USA)
11. The Departed - 2006 (USA)
10. The Sting - 1973 (USA)
9. Heat - 1995 (USA)
8. Reservoir Dogs - 1992 (USA)
7. The Usual Suspects - 1995 (USA)
6. Goodfellas - 1990 (USA)
5. The Godfather: Part II - 1974 (USA)
4. The Untouchables - 1987 (USA)
3. Pulp Fiction - 1994 (USA)
2. Scarface - 1983 (USA)
1. The Godfather - 1972 (USA)

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Today a friend (Rob) said to me "I bet you're a pussy driver, not a good driver like I will be, crashing and killin myself'", 4 words, what a fucking moron. Last time I looked to define "crashing into walls and killing myself" wasn't good driver, i believe the term is "twat". There is a huge difference between a pussy driver and a sensible, driver. My driving instructor clearly mentioned that i was a good and confident driver who was accurate with steering and clutch control, now who am I going to listen to, a 17-year old kid who doesnt know shit about driving or an instructor who does driving for a living.... hmmm let me think. Rob claimed that his inspiration for driving was someone who has recently crashed there car into the back of someone else's, this is one reason i will never let rob drive my car, he's just not driving material, Sam is a confident driver and someone that at times I can trust, at least he can get me from A to B, Rob on the other hand is someone I dont trust after what I heard today. oh and rob, this "pussy" driver was speeding past a police car and illegally driving around housing and industrial estates, ooooohhh, that souns very pussy doesnt it... fucking hell. Oh and to refer to the title, one reason i put it, I have had 4 lessons and only stalled 3 times, once on first one and twice on seconds, i believe sam told me that rob stalled more than that within a 2 minute period in his car.... now look whos the pussy, you're too unconfident to correctly use the clutch, so until you can prove that you're a better, talented driver I think we know who is correctly the pussy driver and i'm sure seeing alex is startin tomorrow he will agree with this and probably sam will too.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Review #2

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Year: 2010
Director: David Yates
Country: UK
BBFC: 12

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ : 8/10

An observation I've made whilst waching the Harry Potter franchise is that they get better and better with every release and that defianetly applies to this one. I never read the book to this but I thought that it was good I didn't beacause I had no idea what was going to happen making it a lot more intense. Britain isn't well known for making high-budget films that have excellent plotlines, but Harry Potter is just one of those examples along with James Bond that have had a huge amount of money put in and the outcome is excellent.

Harry, and friends, are being taken to a safer place by 'The Order of the Phoenix' due to the huge conflict with Voldermort, however now that Snape is plotting alognside Voldermort they know exactly when and where Harry is being moved to causing a huge battle during the journey, resulting in the deaths of Mad-Eye Moody and Harry's owl Hedwig, also George Weasley loses his ear. When at Ron's house, Rufus Scrimgeour (Bill Nighy), brings rounds old possessions of Albus Dumbledore that he placed on his will to Harry, Ron and Hermione. During the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur, the deatheaters (who have now taken over the Ministry of Magic from which they are persecuting muggle-born witches and wizards) disrupt the wedding to find Harry, however Harry, Ron and Hermione disapparate to Piccadilly Circus in London and go to a cafe where they are attacked by two more death eaters. Eventually they find a place to stay at The Order of the Phoenix's hideout at "Number 12, Grimmold Place". After find information out from Kreather about R.A.B and the stolen horcrux, him and Dobby go to find Flethcher, when they return they find out that the real horcrux is in the possession of the Ministry, under the effect of Polyjuice potion they go to the Ministry and steal the horcrux and escape. They are unable to destroy the horcrux so they all take turns wearing it and whilst Ron wears it, it has and effect on him causing him to become suspicious that Harry and Hermione are forming a relationship and therefore abandons them. Without Ron, Harry and Hermione visit Godrics Hollow (Harry's birth place) where they meet Bathilda Bagshot who they believe has the sword of Griffindor which they think will be able to destroy the horcrux. However Bathilda Bagshot was murdered and the body they are seeing has been taken over by Voldermort's snake. The two manage to escape to the Forest of Dean, whilst there Harry find the sword of Griffindor underneath an ice lake which he breaks and jumps into to recieve the sword however the locket he is wearing reacts and attempts to drown him, however Ron appears and saves him. Ron then destroys the horcrux (after facing his fears of spiders and having a vision of Harry and Hermione kissing). The three of them then visit Luna Lovegood's dad to ask him about the recurring symbol they have seen throughout their journey, they find out it represents the Deathly Hallows consisting of an elder wand, a resurrection stone and an invisibility cloak, then after disrupted by more death eaters they escape to some woods where they are attacked by a group of Snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor where Bellatrix imprisons Harry and Ron and tortures Hermione for information. Dobby appears and helps Harry, Ron and Hermione escape but is killed in the process when Bellatrix throws a knife at him. The final scene is of Voldemort finding the elder wand in Dumbledore's tomb.

This was a very good film indeed, that is really all I can say, it is more intense than the last ones and the sense of threat and peril keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

One final note I wrote a review about this on iMDB and an American complained that it was an American film because it is produced by Warner Brothers, after experience in film studies I can say that this is incorrect, it is filmed in Britain, the cast is British, David Yates (The Director) is from England, the funding is from Britain (with 1/8th of it from US), the writer (JK Rowling) is from England, and the production company is not Warner Brothers, it is HeyDay Films (who are from London), Warner Brothers are the 'distribution' company who release the film, not produce it.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Review #1

Title: Law Abiding Citizen
Year: 2009
Director: F. Gary Gray
Country: USA
BBFC: 18

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ : 7/10

Law Abiding Citizen was a very good film, unlike your usual thriller of just a cop chasing a criminal this one has the added sense of mystery. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat because its unclear what the destiny of the next character is, will he live or will he die a slow and painful death. Just to make a point, this film isn't for the faint-hearted due to the excessive amounts of gore in certain scenes, particularly the torture scene near the beginning. If you are just trying to watch a good film mainly focusing on the plot then you can probably push the instances of gore aside because the plot of this film is extremely unique and clever.

Clyde (Gerard Butler) witnesses the murder of his wife and daughter. The two murderers, Clarence and Rupert, are caught and sent to a trial. During their trial, their prosecutor Nick (Jamie Foxx) tells Clyde that the evidence against the murderers is "inadmissible", however Nick strikes a deal with Clarence that will send Rupert to death row. From this outcome Clyde feels betrayed by Nick and the entire court system. Rupert is later executed via lethal injection, however someone switched the drugs around causing Rupert to die a slow and agonising death. Clarence is suspected of the murder, however Clyde helps him escape the grasps of the law enforcement, only then to drug him with a neurotoxin via some needles in a gun handle that are activated when the trigger is pulled. Whilst Clarence is under the influence of the neurotoxin, Clyde slowly tortures him. When the police find whats left of the body they arrest Clyde as the chief suspect, Clyde then confesses to the murders of both Clarence and Rupert. Shortly afterwards Nick learns that Clyde had kidnapped Clarence's attorney and hidden him somewhere and will only reveal the location in return for a hot meal at 1 o'clock on the dot. However the meal arrives past the deadline resulting in the police arriving too late to rescue the attorney, meanwhile Clyde murders his cellmate by stabbing him in the neck with a steak bone and is therefore sent to solitary confinement. Slowly Nick learns that Clyde used to be a black ops assassin in which experience he utilizes to murder the judge, several members of the police squad and the district attorney. Nick wonders how Clyde has been killing the justice members whilst in jail but shortly discovers a tunnel from an outdoor garage leading all the way into his solitary confinement cell that he dug before he was arrested, he deliberately killed his cell mate so he could be moved to solitary confinement so he could get out to kill the justice system. Clyde then plans to kill the mayor and Nick discovers a napalm bomb at the city hall, however they are unable to disarm it. When Clyde returns to his cell, Nick is already waiting there for him, he tells him not to press the detonator and strikes one last deal but Clyde refuses and presses the button, Nick leaves the cell only for Clyde to find out that whilst he was getting back to jail Nick had moved the bomb from the city hall to Clyde's cell, killing him.

Law Abiding Citizen was a fun film to watch, some people have mixed feelings about the ending whether it was good or bad, it was a relatively good ending because it was something that you weren't expecting and really stamped a strong ending in my opinion, but I can also see why the ending has negative reviews because in the end Clyde was only teaching the people a lesson because he lost everything, but to the extreme he went to was going to suffer consequences. All-in-all a very good film.

Friday, 7 January 2011

My Top 10 Film List & Reviews

I sometimes get bored and have written reviews on film and games websites to pass time and I realised that a friend of mine ( has done some film reviews and I was thinking, why dont I? I have heard that universities like it when a student has a blog and if i can clearly annotate an object it would be good. My favourite films range from the 70's up to the 00's.

10. Saving Private Ryan (1998) - Steven Spielberg
- A war film that will never be forgotten, telling the story of 6 soldiers risking their lives to save one, the camerawork is amazing really immersing you in the action from the start of D-day at omaha beach to the end at 'the alamo' this film is defianetly worth watching.

9. The Terminator (1984) - James Cameron
- Science-fiction films were largely made in the 80's and the terminator is defianetly one of the best ones created. A cyborg is sent from the future to assassinate sarah connor who is liable for the birth of john connor, the leader of the human army in the future during a nuclear war. However, kyle reese a soldier from the human army is also sent back to make sure that sarah survives. One of the best sci-fi's created, a must-see.

8. Rambo: First Blood (1982) - Ted Kotcheff
- The first, and the best in the rambo quadrilogy. John rambo is a vagrant who has come to a little town in canada to visit a friend who has unfortunately passed away, however a trouble-causing police officer eventually arrests him for vagrancy and resisting arrest. Rambo escapes the custody of the police and runs to the mountains after accidentally killing a police officer, however the police wont let him go and go on the hunt for him only to have misjudged him as rambo slowly but surely gets his revenge. A film that emphasis's the thriller genre, great film.

7. 28 Days Later... (2002) - Danny Boyle
- Set in present-day britain during a zombie uprise, 28 days later portrays the zombie genre better than any other zombie film i have seen. The film is astoundingly directed by danny boyle, director of trainspotting and slumdog millionaire. Jim awakes in a hosptial after being in a coma for 28 days only to find that a virus released into the atmosphere has put the whole country into quarantine. The empty streets of london and manchester really emphasise the sense of isolation, great film.

6. Lethal Weapon (1987) - Richard Donner
- This is a feel-good film thats worth the watch. A film that combines action with comedy to create the buddy-cop genre that made Mel Gibson and Danny Glover big in cinema history. It has your typical storyline about bad guys doing bad things being hunted down by the good guys, but the actual concept of this certain film makes it so amazing that it brought on three sequels.

5. Die Hard (1988) - John McTiernan
- Die Hard, the first in a great trilogy (not-so-good quadrilogy since number 4 came in). Bruce Willis plays the New York cop who has come to Los Angeles to see his wife on Christmas Eve only for the building to be taken over by a group of German terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). It's a great film, full of action and foul-mouthed humour, a really good film.

4. The Untouchables (1987) - Brian DePalma
- Set in 1930, The Untouchables portrays the uprise of crime boss Al Capone (Robert De Niro) during the prohibition in Chicago. Elliott Ness (Kevin Costner) and Jimmy Malone's (Sean Connery) jobs are to bring him down and this film focuses on the build up to the final scene in the court. Brian DePalma portrays this film very well, a film focussing on Capone's lust for blood and revenge. The film contains one of the most famous shootouts in film history taking place on the steps of Chicago Union Station.

3. Heat (1995) - Micheal Mann
- The perfect duo to make a film, Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro star in this cop'n'robbers style film that Michael Mann has directed wonderfully. Robert DeNiro plays a criminal who plans a huge heist in downtown LA, Al Pacino plays the cop that has to bring DeNiro to justice. Greatly acted out and amazing choreographed gun fights. The intensity builds up all the way to the ending of the parting words of Pacino and DeNiro.

2. The Godfather (1972) - Francis Ford Coppola
- A classic in the film industry, The Godfather focusses on the Corleone family who are at war with 3 other families. I would like to say it is your typical gangster flick, but it isn't, it is a special film that was written so well by Mario Puzo, plus its great ensemble cast of Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall and John Cazale. The film is long and some people get bored with the long scenes of dialogue, but personally I think of them as the build-up of tension to the final deaths of the heads of the families. Amazing film!

1. Scarface (1983) - Brian DePalma
- My favourite film of all time is the modern adaptation of the 1932 gangster flick of the same name, Scarface. The film tells the story of Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino), a refugee from Cuba who has just arrived in America to live the American dream, however not is all he had imagined. Montana starts working for the Miami mafia doing small jobs and slowly working up to bigger jobs only to be betrayed by his boss causing his to go his own way and start drug trafficking. The film is an unyielding production, a true classic, nothing is left to the viewers imagination, the story is all onscreen and extremely intense. I have watched hundreds of films and none of them have beaten the expectations of Scarface, it is truly amazing beyond belief and every minute of the film is full of tension. This is Brian De Palma's strongest directorial effort ever and it is full of well-handed scenes, particularly the memorable finale. Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What the Carp?

Now, to start off this weeks awesomely shit bog I will begin by saying that a buddy of mine tries to avoid swearing on Facebook by replacing it with a jumbled up word, such as carp, so apart from the first shit I wrote in my blog, and that one I just wrote, I will try this week not to swear and instead insert jumbled up words where necessary... right then, let's start off this fckuing blog.
First of all anyone who appreciates Sam for who he is, think again, he loves Brokeback Mountain... his favourite scene is in the tent when the 'surprise buttsex' occurs, he worries me... siht, I imagine he woulda preferred to be in that guys place instead of the actor that played it, to the right is him auditioning for the role --->

I hope he was lying when he said he had the special edition that came with a mini poster that he has above his bed and then looks at every night and begins to wan... wait a sec... too far.

I have a friend who seems to love arguing and I appreciate that he is attempting to hold up his point no matter what the other person says, well if he thinks that he is correct then let him be, let him fight you to the death with words about Treyarch games and hacking and suprise buttsex, let him... I appreciate your points Rob, keep fighting!

Anyway happy May the 4th to all you people out there and happy Star Wars day to all the other people who... um... love star wars I guess. "May the fourth be with you" <--- FAIL JOKE!!!

Below is a video of a friend of mine who thought that the below stunt would be... fun to pull off in front of public and his video is on Youtube and Facebook and I think you should all watch it, I told him I would promote his video over my blog and so I am, happy watchings!

Wow, we must be doing well, cos I have mentioned all the above siht and I still haven't mentioned last night which was fckuing awesome. Me and five of my mates and an American went to see a film at the Regal in 'sham which has opened up during its refurbishment stage
(Bet going on between Sam, Ryan and Rob when it will be
finished). Anyway, to start off the film was fckuing awesome, Kick-Ass rules! The cinema was shocking, look at it -->
You'd expect to find this is some torn-down London back street, the inside smelt of bird siht, when I got out my clothes smelt of damp, rotten, i dot even know what it smelt of. Anyway after we left the film Ryan tried to rodeo Phat Rob and fell on a car thus setting off its alarm meaning we legged it, Rob and Ryan went straight up the road, Me, Sam and Pete ran back towards the cinema and Alex... I dont know what the fcku he did, I think he ran in circles like a dickless chicken... soz I meant headless lol. When alex and Pete left, Me, Sam, Rob and Scot (aka Ryan) went to the park and started playing on the "SWINGY THING OF DEATH" evil voice, this ws about 10 o'clock, it was dark and Sam kicked me in the back of the head, hopefully by accident.
If you've watched the video above then you will have seen the trampoline in the ground, after the swingy thing of death we all went on it and did siht, then we went on the tunnel (of doom mwah-ha-ha) so yer, good night
My blog will be sometime next week, fcku knows what day, so just wait for: "Calum's Randomly Time Sihtty Blogs" Til then, bye!

Monday, 26 April 2010

"Ok, So I Missed a Mirror Check and Approached a Junction too fast... I still think I did Good"

One of my mates was fussing today saying that I didn't do my blog this weekend but I was knee-deep in stuff to do so I didn't have time.

*Some letters might be missed out of words cause my keboard is total crap*

Anyway, I can't actually say much about last week, the British Airways are up an running again, my Art teacher got back from the states on Thursday so I kinda felt sad about that, but hey, now that I have actually caught up with my coursework I enjoy Art.

Sam did his driving test on Friday and sadly failed with two minors and two serious's (Not checking mirrors and approaching junction too fast) but look at the picture of him and wonder why... anyway, hard luck mate, maybe you should wait til I do mine lol

Last week on Wednesday I wasted a £1.69 bag of liquorice... no wait, scrap that, two bags of liquorice on Rob by bashing them on the back of his head... the first time I didnt know it was going to split open and is truly not my fault but it did... Video Underneath!

Sorry that this weeks blog was short and... well... some of the stuff was total shit but I haven't been doing much cause I gotta load of coursework to do so yer... I dunno what day I will next be blogging, hopefully this weekend coming. Lookout on my Youtube channel for game walkthroughs cause I now have a capture card and I think the world would benefit from it lol... maybe I can show y'all hw to do Mile High Club on Cod4, also I have a new Xbox account, add 'Blind Hedshott' if interested, well that's all folks, see you soon.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

British Airways £130m loss!

Well, I've decided to go for blogging weekly now because it means I'll have more to talk about, unless some big-ass affair hits the news then trust me you will be hearing about it on here. Anyway just look out on here every other Saturday or Sunday and expect to see some Class-A stuff... well actually I place it more along Class-S for 'Shit' but I'm not the reader.

Well I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that knows that another global disaster has struck down; a Volcano in Iceland which has recently erupted has caused mass disruption throughout the whole of Europe. Over 16,000 flights have been cancelled due to this, the countries affected by this are mainly us (UK), Ireland and Norway, but this is now hitting the rest of Europe affecting France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands and slowly going over to Spain and Germany etc. British Airways are losing £130 million per day due to them not claiming on Natural Disaster Insurance, I'm pretty sure they'll think again next time. Anyway, the ash has now raised 5.3 miles into the air and has caused a huge stand-still in Britain, not one plane is allowed to leave now until they give the Ok, a check is being made first thing tomorrow morning but if not then they expect the planes to be coming in sometime next week. People throughout the country woke up this mornin finding their cars covered in thin layers of ash, no doubt that people will begin panicking about food and water supplies coming into the country and that every single supermarket in this country will be jam packed. Tomorrow I am off to Tesco... I am quite sure that people will be grabbing all that they can. As far as I know, no one has died from this incident. Worst of all I could think is that if a small volcano like this can cause so much havoc, now imagine what a supervolcano like Yellowstone could do, well one things for sure we would be alright... sorry about America but we would be put in a pretty damn lengthy winter.

Well, lets stop on our news today and have a look at some other stuff, first of all Tottenham just won against Chelsea 2-1, well done Tottenham, my Dad sure is gonna be happy.

If anyone's interested in games then Splinter Cell: Conviction came out yesterday on Xbox 360 and PC, i dont know why PS3 doesnt have it, but it might just be a later release for them, but if not... then it shows you that you should have gotten an Xbox.
Anyway, that's it for this week, who ever knew how much shit you could learn reading a blog... it was a pretty big suprise to me for sure... I know that it was not as awesome as I listed, but next weeks probably wont be either so yer. Anyway I will be writing again next week, not sure when, probs Saturday or Sunday or maybe some other day, just keep checking out on here, until then... bye blogger reader thingies!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Boris Johnson's Deputy is John Barrowman? WTF!

Here is an interesting photo of the Traffic Light Rave Party to lighten up the mood on this lonesome day, Ryan looking nuts, Sam in his chequered shirt, Me... well, yes me, Nath who seems to have the same problem with his belt as I do, Rob who is attempting to hide behind a kid, and then yer, the two kids, kid A and kid B. Ok, so now everyones happy lets start off todays blog. Well first of all Alex is back I think he wants everyone to know that, so visit his blog here where he talks about political shit etc.

Me and my bro had fun fucking up Boris Johnson's Wikipedia page as you can tell to the left, but sadly we recieved a message after it was changed back saying that if we edited a page to something inapproproate again then we would get banned... Well, that really fucking wrecked the game but I didn't care... anyway, I've had a fun first week of my Easter, shit its gone slow, how has everyone else's gone?

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Top Xbox 360 Games Of 2010... So Far

The following are all in my own opinion. Some of the following games I own and some I have borrowed.

Best Multiplayer Game Of 2010 [So Far]
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Best Single Player Game Of 2010 [So Far]
Just Cause 2

Best DLC Of 2010 [So Far]
Stimulus Package - Modern Warfare 2

Best Arcade Game Of 2010 [So Far]
Toy Soldiers

Best Indie Game Of 2010 [So Far]

Others Worth Mentioning
Army Of Two: 40th Day
Bioshock 2
Prison Break: Conspiracy
Metro 2033
Mass Effect 2
Perfect Dark (Arcade)

Games Coming This Month Worth Mentioning
Splinter Cell: Conviction (16th April)
Red Dead Redemption (27th April - However GAME says 21st May)

Also, if you either loved the movie or the first game, Iron Man 2 will be hitting the shelves 3rd April - But yet again GAME says 30th May

Monday, 5 April 2010

Fuck 2012

Mauling on Lunch

Rob tore out Ryan's guts!?... This is what you would hear from Sam on the set of Infected 2, some cleverly placed sausages, minced beef and fake blood that can get you into a lot of trouble made Ryan die, Rob seemed to enjoy his lunch though...

Anyway, Infected 2 is in production and plans for more production throughout Easter hols and afterskwl time are being planned, I'd like to keep it within holidays so I can focus on coursework but as long as I dont spend too much time on it, anyway, today was really enjoyable, we got to wash a fence with fake blood and climb a staircase several time... phew... wait a sec, a parcel has jsut arrived for me... on Easter Monday?... on a bank holiday?... shit, I love England's Postal serivces. And it is... my Xbox transfer cable for my hard drive woooooo! Boring.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Games To Movies

Anyway, I was on IGN earlier watching an Apil Fools video for a 'suspected' debut halo movie trailer, and i though I might check it out on IMDB for it.

The film is possibly being made by Mancuinian director, Danny Boyle, the best British director ever, credit goes to him for legendary films like '28 Days Later', 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Trainspotting', if anyone has seen any of these three movies, then you will understand what I mean. Furthermore the film is being produced by 'Lord of the Rings' and 'King Kong' director Peter Jackson, and yet... it will be an American movie.

For some reason this doesn't add up, as my friend Sam will tell you that after studying a years course in film studies and still going, you need a certain amount of aspects to make a film British or American or French or whatever. This film is being made by a director from Manchester which is a city in England, that already takes away the part of the American setting, the producer is from Wellington which is the capital of New Zealand. The film is being made in New Zealand as well, but certain parts will be made in America... so how does this add up to an American film, 3 of the 6 specific points have already made the film international, so unless the main cast is not American or the setting or whatever, then this film will not be American... either way i am still looking forward to seeing it... I just hope that Danny Boyle is the director because I have been hearing things that Neill Blomkamp might be... fuck me, what a name, some Canadian guy born in South Africa who directed 'District 9' with Peter Jackson as the producer... looks like they might be coming back together once again.

Anyway, talking about other games that are being made into movies, I haven't heard much from Gears of War, it has a release date of 2010 but I am pretty sure it has been dropped, there is no trace of a director or producer and definately no cast, so I think that is a no-go. Bioshock however does look a lot more promising, it has a director 'Juan Carlos Fresnadillo' who directed '28 Weeks Later' the seauel to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later. It also has a production company and cast, however I heard that American's dropped the project and that the British will be taking it over, like Juan Carlos Fresnadillo did with 28 Weeks Later, he kept it British even though he is Spanish and works on American motion pictures, so yer, Bioshock could be a British film, even though it is set in 1950s America in the underwater city of Rapture, kinda confusing but hey.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Thank You For The Music!

Well, I had Rob over this weekend and we went for a game of bowling on Saturday evening, i ent sure if he enjoyed it but i dont blame him if he didnt. Anyway, this is a shorter blog post today because I wrote about quite a lot during the week about Freddie's death and trolling Russians an so-on and so forth.

Anyway in the evening on Saturday me and Rob watched Zombieland and 300, I fell asleep through 300, u cant blame me though, I mean if you've watched it like 30 times then you would too... anyway this morning after we got up I decided to play about with 'The Infected' and speed it up, christ, it was funny as well as Point Wars and The Outsiders Trailer. Anyway, below is a video from me and Rob and featuring Morgan on drums... well not on drums but just hitting wooden spoons. the band is called 'I Gave My Mum Fudge For Christmas' as thought up by Rob.
Norledge and Bailey have written Hat so now it's our turn, here is our parody of Don't Stop Believin':

Saturday, 20 March 2010

BAFTA Game Awards 2010

As many of you know, I am quite a big fan of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game, i bought it the day it came out and played on it continously because it is such a good game. However I never exprected the news that it won the BAFTA game awards, this actually came quite a shock, shit, i honestly didnt know it was that popular. There were awards going everywhere, Uncharted 2 won Best Action game, Wii Sport Resort won best Family and Social game, Fifa 10 won best Sport game, Modern Warfare 2 won best 'GAME' (the shop) game and Left 4 Dead 2 won best multiplayer. In all fairness I was expecting either Assassin's Creed 2 to have won in something, but it didn't.

Oh and here are some estimated release dates for people if they are wondering:-

(These are UK release dates, some of these could be different in other shops, etc.)

Just Cause 2 - 26th March
Prison Break: The Conspiracy - 31st March
Saints Row 3 - 1st April
Splinter Cell: Conviction - 16th April
Alan Wake - 18th May
Hitman 5 -28th May
Mafia II - 30th May
Alpha Protocol - 1st June
Jason Bourne - 3rd June
Green Day: Rock Band - 8th June
Crackdown 2 - 9th July
Max Payne 3 - 23rd July
Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 - 3rd August
Metal Gear Solid: Rising - 24th September
Fable III - 31st October
Grand Theft Auto 5 - 2011

Friday, 19 March 2010

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1) I stabbed myself through the foot with a pitchfork when I was 11 (Some of you might know this one)
2) I did a drama course with Luke Evans in middle school (I iz like best actor in world)
3) I have taken 5 grades in Piano and 3 grades in Guitar, both at Edward Elgars birthplace in Worcester
4) When I was 11 i did a 13-mile jog for charity
5) I am certified in medical training with the NHS, I went to a course with my Mum.
6) Is also part Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Italian and Swedish.
7) I was in a musical in Birmingham when I was 8
8) The first 18-rated movie I watched was 'Die Hard' when I was 7
9) The first DVD is bought was 'The Nutty Professor'
10) I can't remember how I met my friends... seriously
11) Is scared of green crisps
12) Is awesome
13) Was born on Barndale Road, Mossley Hill in Liverpool (Only my main friends should really know this)
14) I have been to London more times than Birmingham (Not really that interesting)
15) The first ever PC game i played was Call of Duty
16) The first ever Xbox game i played was The Godfather
17) I used to think a machete was a type of car (9 years old)
18) Is a huge Skins fanatic
19) I once considered driving my Mums car when she was out when I was about 8 years old
20) Nearly killed myself when I was 5 when almost falling off a cliff in France

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Trololololol! You just been Russian Roll'd beatch!

First of all many of you know that Rob is a huge fan of Ray William Johnson (he almost thinks of him as an idol lol) but i agree, Ray William Johnson is a total legend. After Rob forced me (actually I chose to) to watch 2 hours of Ray William Johnson, I just discovered that this guy is hilarious... P.S. He left a message for you Bailey on his picture there -->

I'm pretty sure that many of you have been Rick Roll-d and you know what it feels like, yes... whenever I am looking for some important stuff, Rick Astley comes on and makes a dick of himself, congratu-fuckin-lations Rick! Anyway, thanks to Rob (and RWJ) I was introduced to a new form of being well... Roll'd.. some ugly fucker from 1970-something-or-another and it is officially called being Russian Roll'd, here's a short video clip.

A game that I used to play which is on a site called 'Cool Math Games' yer, sure. Well yer, a game I used to play, actually I used to play the first one but Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a great game to play during form time when you cant be fucked to listen to your form tutor. On the right you can see I am on level 50 with lots and lots of bloons popping out, but my two awesome plasma supermonkeys are raping the bloons. Honestly it is a great game... still BM Tron rocks... sorry for the random outburst.

Anyway... [Spoiler ahead] ------- (Blocked out name to all those who don't want to know) is dead! It has been confirmed by Robert Einstein (aka Phat Rob)... well actually to be honest I have no idea, to be honest I want to believe he isn't, but come on, no one could have survived that bashing from a baseball bat, i mean there was blood all over the window. I have had a look through many polls and blogs and most of them think he is... R.I.P. -------... let's watch that renown scene again shall we:
(If you don't want to watch the death scene of ------- because you haven't watched the episode then don't because it is full of spoilers)

Now let's all have a moment of silence for ------- and if you wanna hug someone then please do it from the side, 'Christian Side-Hug' rule people. Although Rob has made it clear its just as simple to dry hump someone's leg. Anyway, we will always remember ------- like we remember Michael Jackson even thought Michael Jackson is real and ------- is a charact... I really need to shut the fuck up. Anyway, the last episode of Season 4 of Skins is on tomorrow at 10:00pm on E4 or whenever you watch it, so yer.

Speak next week!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Road to London

Well, I went to London today on a Film Studies Trip to the BFI in Southbank with Norledge and some other peeps. We saw all those typical things you see in London, The Battersea Power Station, The Gherkin, MI5, MI6, London Eye, Earl's Court, King's Cross Station (Biggest Station in England), Houses of Parliament and The IMAX Cinema (England's Biggest Cinema). It was quite a good day, the only part we suffered with was 2 - 3 hours of a lecture from Working Title and UK Film Council, interesting but boring. And then we watched a 2 hour long film 'Billy Elliot' made by Working Title. Also the goddamn 6 hour trip, 3 on the way, 3 on the way back and a half hour stop in Oxford.

As you know Rob likes to make his Phat Rob Show every now and again telling you about stuff, well at lunch today we had 40 minutes to do what we liked, so me and Norledge went along the waterfront of London and made a video showing you all the cool shit you can do in 40 minutes in London, well actually it's shite, we would have done a lot more, but Norledge seemed more interested in a dinosaur riding a bike... I present you the Norledge & Rhys Show: 40 Minutes In London

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Contradictions can Kill!

Well maybe the title is kinda false, but contradictions can hurt you as the following message shows you. Norledge said that Dan (A kid in my school) became a Christian to impress a girl and then gave up after 3 hours because the bible contradicts itself... sure, whatever Norledge, now, who wants to hear Dan's story. He became a Christian to impress a girl, fair enough... I mean if the girls good enough to go all the way with impressing her then so be it. But he didnt give up because the bible contradicts itself as Norledge knows, and he knows the truth, that a certain little message made Dan think everyone was contradicting HIM, not the bible... although if I heard correct then it was Norledge himself that put Dan off his religion. Tut tut tut Norledge.
Oh and Serious Sam Rocks! For a game from 1999, it really is enjoyable and awesome! I bought the arcade version of it for just 1200 mps, which is about a tener, but I loved the game when I had it on the pc and I also love it on this. Same with Duke Nukem 3D (1996 - Had On PC) and Quake (1996 - Had On PlayStation 1), two awesome... no including serious sam... three awesome original games.
I am looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever (Which Is Still In Production) and I hear a Serious Sam 3 is being made as I write, due out in late 2010. I don't know about Quake but I hear they're making a sequel to Quake: Arena... could be good.

Monday, 1 March 2010

'Sandwiches Have Layers... So Do Cakes'

Anyway I really dont have anything interesting to mention today, it hasn't been a 'great' day, but it ent been too bad. Well we went to Tesco's for lunch and bought profiteroles, nom nom nom. Oh yeh and then we found Sam, Alex and Tom wandering off, we only knew it was them due to alex's walk... hard to explain... then Sam emptied a bag of Tesco Value Tortilla Chips all over the road and waited for a car to come along then ka-plat.

The sole of my shoe came loose again after a long walk to Robs house then to the meads and up the bridge, I looked extremely stupid with it hanging off so I disposed of it, dunno if it landed on Robs head, I imagined a lot of things did, it was like a rock avalanche... tut tut tut Sam and Alex.
Me and Sam did a re-enactment of Titanic on the edge of a huge bridge and if he let go I would have gone tumbling to my death, dont really care though, I ent scared of death, I mean yer I would like to get more out of my life first. I don't suffer from vertigo or fear of death, as Sam said I have no fears, true true, but beeing brought up in Liverpool really does teach you a thing or too.

I had a huge sandwich year conversation with Rob at Tesco's, he said I should take a year out after my first year at uni to study a directing course, and then I changed the conversation and started on about cake years instead (they have layers, or onion years... no wait, cakes are nicer) and then he said it depends what centre you have and I said jam... so he said it would go study, jam, study, study... I didn't know what to say so I just slept and dreamt of Victoria Sponge.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

'Let's Live off Pizza, Pepsi and Ice Cream!'

The above statement is partially true, Me, Sam, Ryan, Denis and Rob (and Elliott Cramer, Sam Ballin, Chris Johnson, Josh O'Brien, Johan Van Der Steen and Ben Cattell) all went to watch The Crazies at 6.00pm in Worcester last night, great night, just the 5 of us (excluding the others), the film was alright, I enjoyed it, it was also quite humorous, lot of jumpy scenes... Ryan kept jumping next to me and my seat kept vibrating and made me drop popcorn *Sad Face*... Don't you love horrors. The people who really get on my nerves are ones who say that the really boring horrors are scary, they really are just a bunch of pussies (For example 28 Days Later, Resident Evil, Dog Soldiers, you know those UNscary films... wow is Cabin Fever scay). But yer, the film was quite good... "Did Peter Call?" quote from a very mad old lady (Sam's favourite part of the film).

After the film we walked around Worcester for about 20-30 mins looking for somewhere nice to eat, Norledge found Subway and then the rest of us went off to Pizza Hut up on Foregate where we had to wait till 10.30pm for the train to arrive, so what did we do?... We lived off a Large Pizza, Pepsi and unlimited Ice Cream, I tell you, last night was an awesome night, perhaps the film could have been a slight bit better (It wasn't too bad in my opinion) but yer... Great Night!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Football Isn't Love

Well after 2 days of filming and about 7 hours of editing, Point Wars is now fully complete, I am now creating a trailer so keep your eyes peeled peeps, I will put it on our youtube channel and the link will be on the Phrat Boys website:

Well, I believe that Everton got screwed over by Sporting Lisbon about 30 minutes ago, but to be honest, but I really don't give a shit... there I said it, I don't really care much about us losing, it's only a game, if you have ever watched Football Factory then you will see they take it way over the top

OK I have been reading a book, I know, I am ashamned, but it is a good book, it is the Skins Novel, I finally finished it, I wasn't as amazng as I thought, so dont buy it unless you're a fan of Skins. The thing that actually cracks me up about the book the most is not the story itself, but is the fact it has been given an age rating... that's right a book has been given an age rating... what is this goddamn world coming to...
Well today I had to sit in the car for 1 and a half hours doing nothing but listening to REO Speedwagon (Not the best band I've heard tbh) and eat a Special K Snack (No I ain't fat) Yer well after like 5 minutes I got bored and almost fell asleep, I did have company, my dog, Hector, was in the boot.
A very random thing that happened to me today was when I got home after the 1 and a half hour long wait in the car was that I found someone's phone in my pocket and it wasn't myn. I was like 'What The Hell?' and then I realised that for some reason, Rob's mobile had turned up in my blazer pocket... yet again 'What The Hell?'
Well yer, I got nothing else to say to you, you've heard about my wierd yet wonderful day, now i'm off to watch Skins. See y'all later.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Patriotism Kicks In

As you all may know I am quite a patriotic person towards my country... 'Long Live England' This is why I'm always annoyed when Rob says that America rules... if you ask me I do like America, but I love my country a lot more, sure we get shite weather and some of our cities are rough, but so are America's. To be honest if I was to live there I would have to limit it to California only. Anyway back to the point, I really don't like thinking little of England.

Well Chelsea is playing Inter Milan and I am really for English teams and all but during this match I actually am not supporting Chelsea (Alex has kinda put me off them) they are a great team and I don't mean to offend all you Chelsea supporters but I'm predicting the final score to be something like 2-1 to Inter Milan, I mean I could be wrong and Chelsea could kicks IM's asses (But ya didn't with Everton mwah-ha-ha) but you know, I do have a strong feeling that Chelsea could do well, but for some reason, I am just against them cos I wanna try and support an Italian team (My god does Italian food taste great).

Whilst on the subject of sport I would like to say that Everton have been ruling the fuck outta teams recently, I mean 'Everton 2-1 Chelsea' <--- Success! And then we won 'Everton 3-1 Man United' <--- Yet again, Success! We got a match against Tottenham coming up on the 28th and I'm really looking forward to watching it (Especially seeing as my Dad is a Spurs supporter) but I have high hopes for the Toffee's "COME ON YOU BLUES!" I'm predicting about a 2-1 win, but Tottenham have been showing us some good wins recently so I actually feel a little less confident with them than I did Man U and Chelsea... *Does weird Christian Cross sign, dunno what it's called and why I did it*.

I finished editing the majority of Point Wars today and have tomorrow noon to complete it to a high standard 100%, I hope it's all good. Anyway we begin Alex's (hopefully successful) film in 2 weeks and then Infected 2 during Easter hols, keep a look out at our site on

Also I quit my job today by sending them a letter explaining my resignation, hey I still got my previous weeks pay... wooo... now then what to do with the money... save it or go see a film with Norledge in Worcester... hmmmm.

Monday, 22 February 2010

'I'm Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse'

Right lets start off whatever happened today, well when I got back from uptown I went upstairs to my bedroom and found my brother playing the Godfather on my Xbox... the little shit didn't even ask me, his excuse was 'But you were in town, I didn't know when you were getting back'. You cudda just phoned me couldn't you?

Anyway there he was in the MobFace creator making himself a character, turned out the character was the ugliest fucker ever -->
Yup... kinda looks like Borat with a beard!

Anyway, today we got back into finishing Point Wars, successfully for once, although we started off with Rob shouting at me, the fucking director! I didn't understand what he was saying. Anyway, the film went a blast when we got into it, it was awesome, it mixes Action with Comedy and it looks like it could be a possible winner for W Factor (Shit, I better not jinx it)

Also the evil granny is dead... I think, Norledge said she was, ooops... I didnt mean granny, her official name is now Dorothy as thought up by Morgan. For some random reason Alex wants me to add on muzzle flashes and gun sounds even though the original idea was not that... honestly Alex... tut tut tut, besides I got only two hours on Wednesday to make the film A-OK... or just perfect!!

Anyway, I kinda turned down the band oppurtunity with Alex, sorry Alex... a-hem, because of two main reasons, Rob and Morgan dont wanna be in it, Rob says he doesnt want to form a band, he justs wants to learn guitar, fair enough, and my brother seys he prefers going solo, bit of a shame, he's just goin to his grade 3, he's honestly quite good. And the second is because I'm knee deep in stuff to do with filming, coursework and my job. Besides he was too bossy for my liking when we were in Lazy Generation, he took over too much, but he is a really good musician and mate, I understand when we mess about, but it was quite frequent he bossed us about, but all-in-all we made some great music.

I got a Skins novel in the post, random I know, but I got an e-mail that if I order something I could get something else half price and I got it for £2 and it's quite a good book... that's only if you actually like skins. Here's my review, it's about the Summer holidays and everyone has broke up and some are staying in Bristol and other aren't, Katie and Emily are off to France and Effy is in Venice, Cook and Freddie are having a sex competition whilst Naomi ent having any fun cause she cant have any lesbian time... hmm, exciting book.

Oh yes, going back to Yesterday and poor wickle Rob couldn't find the piggy, there is a video below dedicated to him not finding the piggy:

Sunday, 21 February 2010

'I Don't Care About Your 26 Care Packages Or Your 10th Prestige'

'I Don't Care About Your 26 Care Packages or Your 10th Prestige' - Rob Byrd

The above is probably one of the most famous catchphrases ever... of Rob Byrd that is, he said this whilst playing through the campaign of Modern Warfare 2, he then got pwned by the game AI so switched to multiplayer where he got pwned by some American. Before this decided to play on Guitar Hero: Van Halen which I had preordered turned up at my house and Rob was like Oh Yeh!!!... shame he cudnt do Eruption... I beat him on it, woo through the campaign and on a pro-face off!!!! IT IS A MENTAL SONG!!!

Yer well, after lunch he decided to give up on Guitar Hero and decided to write a blog, unsuccesfully, I kinda blog raped him and made his profile photo a picture of two lesbians having a little fun, i dunno if he's changed it yet, but yer... anyway, after he gave up on Van Halen and blogging he decided to pick up my Modern Warfare case and his lines were YOU KNOW WHAT! I'LL PLAY SOME COD! So this is where the first paragraph comes in, I only think he was playing for the chievo's... G-WHORE!!! ssshhh dont tell him... he was talking about killing 7 chickens in under 10 minutes hey wait a sec i have that one... um yeh. But then he tried to get 10+ kills with a predator missiles and 5 kills with 5 different weapons and 10 thermal weapon kills... ya see what i'm saying

Below is some commentary of his multiplayer match at this moment in time

"Rob is now playing on multiplayer but he is only level fou... no wait... he is five now. I would help him but i cba with all this blogging, so instead I am going to commentate for him. He is using an M4-Carbine with a Spas-12 and we just began High Rise and he's comitted suicide 6 times by jumping out the wrong window... oh and guess what... it's now 7 times... honestly... oh, he just got killed by a Stealth Bomber that wasn't very stealthy... tut tut tut, now he got a double kill, then he got killed, now he has an ACR with a heartbeat sensor, wait... he's balancing on the end of the building... oh, he got another double kill, he just got slaughtered onto last stand... then he killed someone whilst in last stand and got a carepackage... he got himself a harrier air strike and murdered up aobut 7 people. And the match finished and rob had 11 kills and 1140 points. Well done Rob. Who wants to see Rob's face after coming top in the table."

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Christ, it's been like... 1, 2, 3, 4... damn i don't know how many days it's been since I last wrote on here, actually it was the 11th, oh... not that long ago.

It was something like Thursday when I last wrote on here, during these past 7 days it has been half-term and I have done some great stuff... and some not-so great stuff. Anyway on Friday I went to Bailey's house with Rob and did nothing but Guitar Hero - I didn't mind but like I said in my previous post it would have been nice to have some other activities to do than Xbox all day... I kinda get bored when I play Modern Warfare 2 like 6 hours every evening till something like 3 in the morning. Well, the rest of the week was kinda shit, Saturday I had work, yadda-yadda-yadda, Sunday I did fuck all, Monday I did someth... no wait, i also did fuck all on Monday, and on Tuesday. Then we finally got to Wednesday when suddenly everything went awesome, Sam invited us to some UV Rave Party at Marilyn's Night Club (when I say us i mean me, Rob, Ryan, Craig and Toby) and that evening was one of the best evenings I have actually ever had! It was quality. If you look at the image below you will see how happy we were... look at us raving with smiley faces! =]

Anyway that was an awesome night, 4 hours of just DJ music, the singer 'Reece' wa kinda OK, BUT OTHER THAN THAT IT WAS AWESOME (There is repetition because it was so awesome... and again)! Anyway yer... check out their site at

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Well it is snowing today as it has over the past 2 weeks and all I'm hearing around me is 'Uh it's snowing, I hate snow, I've had enough of it'. Christ, goddamn softies, I love the snow, we only get it every so often, we should be happy with it. The Americans, they can stand it, they like it and i respect them for that, but the pussies in this country that cant stand it, Shit. Anyway, I'm not sure if the snow is clearing off over tonight, but even if it does there's news about more snow for Thursday, woo-hoo. Well tomorrow I am making a film with some of my friends and we hope to enter it into a W-Factor (Wychavon Factor) competition. POINT WARS FTW!

Today Norledge made me eat cheese salad and I was like um... OK... and actually it was alright. I then got stuck in with my graphics coursework and worked "hard"... or not, but at this very moment in time I should be doing work, but I am taking time out to write about stuff, how joyful is that?

Upsettingly Alex is sleeping round my house tomorrow... and then I got Rob coming over on Friday at 9 o'clock, oh joy we will be awoken with Rob standing over us smiling like a deranged pedo... a-hem ... anyway, I am just hoping that we're not gonna play guitar hero all day... maybe we can have some variety for once =]

Anyway, I am off now to finish my Graphics coursework then I am going to have an evening of nothing but playing Modern Warfare 2, 'I IZ GONNA OWN SOME NEWBS'. I think I have done well recently, I have had 5 nukes so far with week and have been MVP quite a few times, quite impressed with myself.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Keep Off The Roads!

Hello peeps and welcome back to my second post of the day, I am right now in a free doing sod-all, so I am passing the time taking to whoever reads this.

Yesterday evening me and Rob saw Sam driving his Citroën Berlingo down the road, he actually braked well, that was a sight, we were hoping he would stall but he failed to... dammit! However, we did notice he drove off without his lights on, tut tut... anyway he has his test sometime in April I believe, he has been taking lessons but is only driving on a provisional so if you live in or around Worcestershire then I advise you to keep off the roads.

Today I ventured off to Tesco's again with Alex and Sam and "accidentally" left Rob doing his homework (honestly we had no idea)... anyway the best sight of today was when Alex leap frogged over at least 3 dozen bollards in the centre of Next Car Park, both Norledge and I tried to distract Alex numerous times and failed miserably, his facebook status proves all.

This is the last week before half term and this Thursday, me and my mates are making a short film for a Film Studies Class. Then on Friday me and Rob have been invited to Alex's house for god know what... better take protection just in case... i mean my goddamn gun, not my con... forget it... anyway yer, you will hear my story when I return.

A Moral Meaning

Last night I watched a film called 'Starship Troopers' which was an overall quality film, in my film studies lessons, the teachers are always telling us to find a meaning in a film and all that shit, so I watched the film and tried to find one and I think that the film had a very random moral meaning. The films about some weird bugs who kill humans by chopping them in half and cutting their arms and heads off and sucking their brains out and stuff like that... that's why it has an 18 certificate... but anyway, the moral to the film was that an insignificant "animal" like a human being is actually a lot more significant than thought, sure it may be a small race in the HUGE galaxy, but they're one of the most advanced races of them all, and so I thought that meaning would carry through to the the blogs, my blogging is basically... well... shit, i know, but because its so insignificant it makes it an important thing, because people like you notice how shit it is... there you go, your first lesson for today, i think... um... yer...

Anyway I think we should mention some stuff in the news like the Haiti Earthquake probably one of the most devastating disasters this year so far, then there's Cadbury's who's been taken over by American company Kraft, now most of us British people are probably pretty angry and want it back, but no matter how many facebook groups you make and how many times you ask, the chances of Cadburys coming back to England are very low... hey be thankful we still got Bourneville... yer...

Anyway, it's my third day of blogging and I have been writing random rubbish like Rob asked, well some stuff seems to amuse Alex and Sam then other stuff seems to make Rob stare in paranoia looking like a gormless goldfish... but yer they're all the same, good ole buds. I wonder who will get muffin face raped first today?

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sixth Form Doss

Hey people, I have had a typical day at school today... yup, total shit in other words, well only the lessons, other than that it was just messing about uptown with 4 of my mates.
I am gonna quote a near enough... well quote to what Alex sed,
'Ya see, this is what Sixth Form is all about'
Well done Alex, you're correct, pissing of the public and pouring Tesco Value Coke over one another is really what Sixth Form is about... I'd like to see you say that to the headteacher, oh boy... anyway, Alex was right, it was a fun day, and perhaps Sam got the finger from an angry van driver... stupid prick. On top of that Sam almost knocked me and rob out with the cap from his Tesco Value Coke, and then Alex appeared with Paul and got face raped by a muffin

Anyway, enough of the school day, I am now enjoying myself at home with chocolate milkshake... actually it was hot chocolate but it has now gone very cold, so yer, and I am watching Football Factory with legendary Danny Dyer... who Rob thinks is a drag queen from Londo n who acted in Adulthood... i don't think so Rob, he is from London and did act in Adulthood, but he is not a drag queen...

... ah forget it, i cant be bothered to go on, I am now gonna go and watch something on TV and just hear Norledge in my head chanting 'Narwhals'... oh boy, tonight's gonna be one long night.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

First blog

Well here is my first blog and I thought that I would write it with a bit of a meaning to it rather than blogs like my friends right about senseless rubbish

Anyway this week I have been ill due to some serious migraines, I recieved many texts from my friends, but instead of getting ones from Rob and Sam saying hoping u ent ill anymore, i got one saying "We thought you were dead!"... NOW IMAGINE HOW I FELT AFTER THAT. The only sensible person was Alex who didnt text me because he was outta credit, good move buddy... actually no, rob did send me a message saying that he loved a trailer that i had put together... but tbh that didn't make me feel any better.

I just gotta point something out... (you are probs gonna say now "He ent gonna bitch about people is he?") well no I'm not, instead I'm just gonna say how some people annoy me by saying that they hate places that they have never been to. A friend of mine (no names) says that he hates Manchester and Liverpool because chances are that you will get stabbed (he has never been to either of them), as for me, I love these cities, I grew up in one and have family members from the other, so I asked him how does he know what they're like if he's never been there, he said that he hasn't been there cos he knows what it's like... that is the biggest bullshit excuse I have ever heard. If you want to know what the place is like, then actually go there... if you DO get stabbed or smacked up then that's when you have a reason... but those 2 cities are amazing. If anyone reads this from either Manchester or from my homecity, Liverpool, then comment on how the city really is like to show him that he's just acting a dick

Anyway, it was fun to get that out... I dunno when I will next write on here, probs sometime soon though. Hope you enjoyed reading it.